Shohar Ki Muhabbat Hasil Krne Ke Liye

Shohar Ki Muhabbat Hasil Krne Ke Liye ,” Har larki k liye shohar ek aisa nam or rishta hota hai jis ki khawaish or zarurat hoti hai, har larki ko us k muqarar waqt pe shohar ka nam mil jata hai, jub ek larka or larki nikah k rishte main jurte hain to us rishte ko nibhane k liye muhabbat aham hoti hai or khas kar shohar ki ku k shohar ki muhabbat hi zindagi main khushi lati hai, shohar ki muhabbat mazeed hasil krne k liye ye wazifa parhi. Insha Allah shohar ki muhabbat hasil ho jae gi.
Rozana 1250 bar “Al-Kabeeru” awal-o-akhir darood shareef 11 bar k sath parh k pani pe dam kr k pilaen.

Wazifa to Get Husband’s Love In Urdu

Every girl has wish to have a relation and name of husband, and every girl get this relation at selected time by Allah, when a girl and boy get married main thing is love between them, and husband’s love is very important to keep this relation, because husband’s love makes happiness in life, to increase love in this relation read this wazifa.
Read “Al-kabeeru” 1250 time daily with 11 time awal-o-akhir darood shareef and dam into water and give for drink.

Wazifa For Husband And Wife Relationship


Wazifa For Husband And Wife Relationship ,” To make the relationship strong and pleasurable between both the partners this wazefa is very much result oriented and fast working,take the hair of both husband and wife and make a thread of both of them ,now recite surah zilzal saying the names of the both persons and tie 7 knots,when done throw them in running water.

Wazifa For Husband Love

If a woman wants that her husband shall love her and does not seek other girls she shall take 7 cinnamons and recite surah hasher’s last three verses 21 times on each and then keep them in her mouth while she sleeps .next day give them to her husband in some food or drink and she will get the desired results.


wazifa for love between husband wife

To grow the love between husband wife take a piece of used cloth of both of them and soak it in sandal wood oil,then leave it to get on sunday in first hour of sunrise read surah anfals first 10 ayats and blow them on each of them ,now tie both the pieces of cloth with a pink string and tie them to a fruitful tree where it moves freely with the wind.

powerful wazifa for husband love

The most powerful and fast working remedy is that one shall preform this on thursday in hour of venus and prepare all the things befor that,the things you need are  black pepper seeds about 41,coals and some good incense for when the above said time comes sit in a quiet place with targets picture in front and recite surah ahad on each seed and burn on coals or fire to achive your desired goal.


easy vazeefa for wife husband love

An easy way to make each other love is that make a sweet dish topped with saffron and read 99 names of Allah on it 7 times and each time you read blow it on the sweet dish you have made,now both the partners eat it for outstanding love and relationship.


urdu wazeefa for love and relationship

Take the first four letters from urdu chart of moon which are buduho and recite it as ‘ya -budoho’keeping in mind what do you want and do it with full concentration so it brings results,now you have to recite it for 3100 times each day at same place keeping same time.remember not to do sex during the complete ritual of 40 days,it is a very powerful and fast working wazifa for relationship.


wazifa for husband to come back

If you have lost your husband and he is not accepting you then do the following vazeefa and he will be back with you.after you have said your zohar prayers light the incense of rose or lavender and recite sura fatiha loud so you can hear it,now where the word “ayea ka nabodo wa eya ka nastaen”come repeat it for 101 time and read the surah for 11 times like this,in 2 to 3 weeks you will hear some good news.


best wazifa for husband

The best way to get place in his heart is by doing this vazeefa on the 13th of each month when it is full moon .take a bowl of rose water and add some saffron and sandal oil in it,now as you stir the water read this name of Allah ”ALLAH HUSA MAD”for 1000 times and keep on stirring the water until you have finished reading it ,now daily give some of this water to your husband in such a proportion that it shall last for 7 days.

wazifa to make husband love with wife

In order to make husband love her wife more than any one ,the wife shall take shower in a tub and save the water .now collect that water in a bottle and keep it until you find the new moon .now mix some good incense in it and recite surah ahad for 1100 times on that water but after each 100 times say your desired wish and blow it on the water and give it to your husband and he will start loving you more than anything in life.


wazifa husband wife love knot

To tie a love knot between husband and wife get a red string and measure it according to the height of the target person and now get 7 strings of same size and make a single thread out of it.after that read ”surah muzamil ”for 41 times and tie a knot for your desired result,and repeat this for 41 times means same no of knots.then burn that thread and collect its ash and give him in tea or coffee.

quick husband love wazeefa

Quick and effective formula is that wife shall cut all of her 20 nails ,hair from her under arms,and her pubic hair .now burn it and get its ash and mix some menstrual blood and give it to him ,its a quick way of getting all his attention.


qurani wazifa to bring husband back

The best way is to pray to Allah and do this vazeefa for getting your husband back.say your prayers regularly and reading ”ya hayu ya qauom be rehmateka istagees” as much as you can as our beloved prophet used to do when there was some trouble or a problem ,so if we fallow him this is the best qurani wazifa for getting him back.


wazifa to make husband loyal

The best and a very easy way to make your husband loyal is to recite durood while cooking food for him and giving to poor on each thursday,and keep praying for his success and happiness best proven tested wazifa husband love.


Powerful Wazifa to Get My Husband Back

These include the words not any woman ever Requirements to help listen. inside thirty many years linked to relationship counsel AND ALSO i have learned ones foremost common reason a great take your Husband tells his spouse he does not love her any further is actually by there exists another woman. Discovering That take ones Husband provides fallen out relevant to affection Back within you ALONG WITH will be ‘involved’ in you else is actually singular ugly. the heart races, The item sounds like a bag linked to cement will be lodge With your abdomen AND Back the mind starts working overtime.

Get your own Husband to be able to Do What people Want

Why he is doing this, an individual ask. you employ been a good loyal AND subsidiary spouse, following all. He made it an beautiful home AS WELL AS youngsters love him for you to Do What an individual Want. What extra can he wants right after just about all you are not good – is actually however, you might be not your current individual causing inappropriate texts for you to the additional woman. you might be simply attempting in order to take ones family along. no matter whether solely he would possibly be older AND begin acting his age virtually any woman finds herself during the state of affairs possesses MY sympathy and have your Husband. The’ there may be invariably hope, your current weeks AND months in the top square measure progressing for you to always be very robust and have ones Husband. However whereas The item would surprise you, people whose behavior possesses for you to amendment first is… you for you to Do What people Want.

How to help Make ones Husband for you to Do What a person Want

If your husband has become behaving badly, intelligibly This is tempting in order to identify him since the drawback, however your sidesteps your current half About the unraveling of Tips on how to Make your current Husband. in addition, what designed him sad enough to help appear elsewhere to be able to Do What people Want? Ultimately, your own individual end user my partner and i will amendment can be ourselves, that will ought to end up being your current primary step for you to rescuing any kind of wedding through crisis. Here, my spouse and i show how, using a little relevant to The way to Make your Husband honesty AND many various other servings linked to humble pie, women may begin your current method of renewing your current foremost salvageable wedding and acquire back your love of an cheating man to be able to Do What people Want.

Wazifa to obtain Back the Husband

The initial step towards recovery wants people for you to conceive Wazifa to acquire Back amendment. throughout addition, whereas you utilize several likely the particular your current Husband is actually sorry 1,000,000 times previous to be able to stay your current peace, have people ever developed a full apology. That is solitary The item acknowledges the unhelpful behavior transporting him with regard to granted, Wazifa to have Back accepts your own responsibility you make use of been consequently committed because of its kids you use neglected being a your current Husband furthermore to be a mother, expresses sorrow AND a good determination for you to vary, IN ADDITION TO will be sincere.

Wazifa to obtain OUR Husband Back

Acknowledge This The item In the event that build him was perpetually criticized. Promise to be able to not nag following further It he ought to be able to say solitary thing whether or not he catches you doing it. the’ it’s tempting to help feature a evidence through the shrewish, It’s going to help sound In the same way whether or not you’re excusing yourself thus lessens your ability of an apology. Ultimately, whether or not your husband thinks a person pay your bulk of the slow repining.