Rules of Doing a Wazifa

Before a person labor and birth reading an wazifa please read ones immediately after rules.
1- your current reason intended for of which you’re doing a wazifa is actually correct ALONG WITH According to shariah.
2- You have to read the wording within right pronunciation.
3- a few times salah is compulsory intended for virtually any wazifa in order to work. Don’t expect Allah to grant a person your current wish while a person blatantly disobey his orders.
4- your income must possibly be halal. Even whether or not there may be single Pound/Dollar/Lira connected with haram dollars not any dua, wazifa or ibadat may work.
5- the date AND ALSO area must end up being your current same every day. no matter whether there may be a emergency AND you should go to another area then acquire your current musalla/prayer mat/ sajjade in in which anyone read your wazifa, inside you.
6- You must possibly be in wudu whilst a person read an wazifa. your own clothes IN ADDITION TO body must be clean.
7- folks both must dress up within the Islamic way in the course of your own wazifa. when i mean no less than during your current duration of an wazifa.
8- even though reading a wazifa You must possibly be alone inside a room whether possible. with regard to certain wazifas It is compulsory.
9- while reading a good wazifa people cannot talk to anyone even from gestures AS WELL AS zero sole In the event disturb anyone or maybe divert your attention. It means keep your own mobile phones off.
10- for men please do not shave throughout ones duration of the wazifa. Shaving is usually breaking your sunnah of an Prophet IN ADDITION TO is usually deemed being a sin.
11- while reading an wazifa please EMPLOY a great ittar or maybe an non alcoholic perfume.
12- whether you are doing a great wazifa to be able to check out your current result With your dream, you should sleep for the floor on a clean bed. furthermore You have to sleep at the same place Just like the Holy Prophet (sallal la ho alaihi wa aalihi wa sallim) supposed to sleep.
13- at least during ones duration of the wazifa do not lie or perhaps do back bitting (gheybat) with all.
14- previously people delivery a WAZIFA PLEASE ALWAYS DO a great two RAKAT TOBAH SALAH (seek Allahs forgiveness) IN ADDITION TO DO the TOBAH. Do the particular right after single or even always previously a person labor and birth a good wazifa.
15- whether an individual READ your own WAZIFE then towards GRAVE of a PROPHET, SAHABI, AULIA ALLAH, SHAHEED or an SALIH PERSON, your current WAZIFA can work to be a BULLET. THAT’S GUARANTEED.
16- immediately after you employ started up an wazifa please do not leave This at the middle or take dishearted. whether or not people nafs tells people This The item won’t operate don’t listen to him AND continue.
17- regardless of whether your current wazifa does not function in the mentioned night out period please proceed This until an individual consider what people want by Allah.
18- your own ACCEPTANCE connected with DUA DEPENDS on your current TAQWA. the night out PERIOD is actually various other for EACH PERSON.
19- LAST BUT NOT LEAST, anyone NOT BELIEVING at the AULIA ALLAH In case FORGET information on DOING just about any WAZIFA. HE may NOT consider ANYTHING since many PRAYERS are generally validated because of the LOCAL WALI ALLAH subsequently the KUTUB connected with The idea area then ones GHAUS of your time frame then coming from SAYYIDINA IMAM RABBANI MUJADID ALIF SANI AHMED SIRHINDI (Rahmatullah aleyh) then from SAYYIDINA SHEYKH ABDUL QADIR JILANI (Rahmatullah aleyh)
20- You might not do two wazifas with the same time frame even regarding different hajat.. regardless of whether you do This simply no wazifa will certainly work. end up being careful all about it. not any only two persons can do a great wazifa for its same hajat In the same way well. lone single end user will do an wazifa, except for its King associated with most wazifas zero 2.
21- whether or not a person do an wazifa pertaining to somebody whom is usually not doing several times salah, wazifa will not work. Allah does not accept duas of the Muslim with regard to another Muslim who is not doing salah.
23- no WAZIFA is usually CHANGED throughout any kind of SHAPE or FORM. therefore DO NOT WRITE for you to you ASKING us to be able to CHANGE Conditions of your WAZIFA.