Wazeefa for Success In Life And Marriage

Wazeefa for Success In Life And Marriage ,” These days relationship problem is very common and lot of people are suffering from this issue.this is a gift for them.when ever the new moon starts and you see the new moon recite sura tubas last 2 verses for 21 times.if you keep doing this every time you see a new moon ,you will never suffer with relationship and marriage problems.

wazifa for success

This is a very effective vazeefa for general success in matters of daily life.you have to say the fajar prayer daily and between sunat and farz if you recite this  just for 100 times daily in some days good luck and the doors of fortune will open for you.

“subhan allahe wabehamdahe subhanallhail azeem wabehamdahe astgferulah”


wazifa for success in business:

If someone is facing problems in his/her business or have started a new one he will have success if he does this wazeefa regularly.The heart of sura yaseen “salamun qulam mer raber raheem”.After isha prayer sit in an empty quiet room and burn any incense which suits your mood and makes you feel good.now recite this for 1100 times and all the hurdles in the business  will be removed.


wazifa for sucess in life:

Everybody wants to lead a successful and a happy life ,this is the best and most easiest wazifa for a happy and successful life,the best part is you dont have to do it on any particular time just read it while walking or during your work.the words to be recited are “subhan al malik ul qudus”


wazifa  for success in love:

If someone has lost his lover or wants her ex to come back he shall do this,get the targets picture and make a very strong imagination that even without the picture you can make an image of the person ,now recite this famous verse for love and affection ”wa alqaeeto aleeqa muhabatum mini”which means im entering my love inside your soul.after each 100 times blow it on the imaginary image of the loved one ,in 3 days you will get 100 percent  results.


wazifa for success in studies:

If someone is weak in studies or does not get enough marks as much as he/she works hard then this is the perfect one for them to achive their goals.what one shall do is get the incense of rose and sandal wood and on the new moons first Sunday in the hour of Venus write down sura fathe on a white piece of paper and recite the following surah for 41 times and blow on it and tie it on his right arm.this will bring him/her lot of success in studies.


wazifa for success in education:

For success in education and carrier make this part of your life and you will enjoy all the benefits from it.when sunrises each day point your finger towards the sun and recite bissmillah for 786 times ,make this part of your life and you will have an outstanding educational carrier.


islamic wazifa for success:

The Islamic name of Allah “al qadero al hayul qayum”has a great power for success in general.if you recite it according to its numerical values .to give it more power and boost you can multiply its numaricle value three times and will be surprised with the results.


wazeefa for success in life and marriage:

These days relationship problem is very common and lot of people are suffering from this issue.this is a gift for them.when ever the new moon starts and you see the new moon recite sura tubas last 2 verses for 21 times.if you keep doing this every time you see a new moon ,you will never suffer with relationship and marriage problems.


wazifa for success in visa:

If some body has applied for visa,any sort of visa weather its a vist visa,work visa,or tourist visa and he wants that it shall be approved for sure do this and hopefully you will get it stamped.At midnight when its time of thugud prayer wake up and make fresh wudu and say six nafals,in between recite ayat kareema for1100 times until you hear from the visa department.


vazifa for success in everything:

This is a very fast working visa for success in everything and in all  the matters of daily life.take a bottle of saffron and sandal wood oil mixed together and recite sura falaq and nas 1100 time each for 21 days ,remember not to smell until wazeefa is finished,then you can use this perfume where ever you go you will be successful.


best wazifa for success:

This is the king wazifa for success and a special gift for people who do wazifas and believe in them.its from a Hindi transcript  but has amazing results ,the one who will try will see the results.you have to recite it for 5000 times in 24 hours of time till 40 days .

“shere ram chander jee”


roohani wazifa for success:

This is a very effective spiritual wazefa for success in anything you want,at midnight sit in a room but it shall be pin drop silence in the room ,now take a white paper and write Allah name  on it with golden ink and sit in yoga position staring at it without blinking your eyes ,in beginning it  may seems a little hard but with time you will see the successful results of your hard work .


powerful wazifa for success:

There are lot of wazaif but are long and time taking ,but this one is short one day and most powerful.on the day of the full moon meaning at the night of 13th prepare all the things before ,get a gold foil paper and paste a white paper in front of it ,now when the clock strikes 12 perfume the paper with saffron oil and write sura waduha on it and recite it 108 times and blow on the paper,afterwards wrap it and seal it with golden tape and keep it in your purse.all done.


wazifa for successful marriage:

This is a famous wazeefa for marriage issues ,recite surah maryam daily and give food to poor people on each thursday .you have to do it constantly to get the desired results.in addation if you will read druood before and after 101 times it will make it more effective.



wazifa for success in job interview:

To get the desired post and succeed in job interview do this and you will be surprised with the results ,get some fresh rose petals and recite  surah nasar for 41 times for 7 days and blow on it.now wrap these petals and put some strong but pleasent perfume on it so it gets to the person who is taking the interview and you will be successful .


wazifa for job success:

For job success recetation of surah nasar for 101 times after fajr prayers is very result oriented and they after the recitation of the surah pray with courtesy to allah for you success and if tears comes out and your emotions will tell you that your wish has been granted.



wazifa for success in urdu:

urdu it self is a very powerful language and reading some combination of words can bring you success but what are these words,these are “ya budohu”and have a lot of power but when you do this and read this for 2100 times you have to avoid any kind of sexual activity and not eat any kind od meat until 40 days and then see how powerful it is.


quranic wazifa success:

although each verse of quran is very powerful but some are surah are meant to be for some specific purpose such as for success you need to recite surah yaseen just 1 time daily as prophet (p.b.u.h)said that who will read it once his 70 wishes will granted.


wazifa for good results in exams:

To get good marks in exams or get top position do this but you also have to prepare well,you cannot just depend on it and do nothing your self,a person who cant help himself no body can help him.so once you have prepared well and done all the hard work recite sura fathe just for 7 times and blow it on your examination paper once you stat and after you finish and you will get fruitful results.


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